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                The research field

                Semiconductor generation film

                Release time:2018-01-25

                Thermoelectric semiconductor power generation technology works on a temperature difference between two semiconductors at different ends, so DC voltage is generated on semiconductor. The thermoelectric power generation has the characteristics of no noise, long life, stable performance and so on. It can be started quickly in the cold environment of minus 40 degrees Celsius, so it is more and more widely used in practice. Thermoelectric power generation is a new way of power generation, convert heat directly into electrical energy by cerbere effect. A semiconductor generator made with a semiconductor thermoelectric generator module can generate electricity as long as there is a temperature difference. No noise, no pollution, service life for more than ten years, maintenance free, so it is a kind of widely used portable power. The thermoelectric generator is mainly used in fields such as oil field, field, military and so on. The annual sales of military and oil field generators such as Teledyne Inc. in the United States are more than US $one billion. The other marketing field of the project is to use the power plant for solar, geothermal, industrial waste and so on, so that the heat energy is directly converted into electric energy. In addition, the semiconductor power generation module is small in size, light in weight, easy to carry, and can be widely used in small household appliances manufacturing, instruments, toys and tourism. With the increasing demand for protecting the environment and saving energy, the use of thermoelectric power generation may be developing direction, from small devices to large power plants, and more and more from laboratory theory to practice. At present, the newly developed semiconductor thermoelectric power generation component is the leading domestic level, with small resistance, high temperature resistance and long life. It is fully in line with the needs of developing the thermoelectric generator. If the temperature difference between two sides can reach 60 degrees Celsius, the generating voltage can reach 3.5V, and the current can reach 3-5A. With the protection of the environment, the voice of saving energy is getting higher and higher. Using thermoelectric components to generate electricity may be a general direction.

                To achieve the purpose of semiconductor temperature difference power generation, we need to achieve: 1, the internal resistance is small, otherwise the power can not be lost; 2, high temperature resistance; 3, long life.

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